Outsourced Ad Sales

Ad Sales as a Service.

 Independent Media Representation to Increase Your Online Ad Revenues. For B2B Publishers.

Have a valuable B2B audience but just getting started with Integrated Ad Sales? can partner with you to build you an online media kit, plan ad product strategy from the ground up, setup a CRM, build processes and get your ad sales engine off the ground.
Is Outsourced Ad Sales Right for You?

You are a good fit if you:

You are a not-so good fit if you:

  • Are looking to develop a long term, mutually beneficial ad sales partnership
  • Have a B2B property with a niche, valuable audience and significant traffic - likely at least 200K unique visitors/month.
  • Have High Domain Authority/Rank
  • Are open to being creative and reasonably flexible to jointly develop ad offerings that deliver ROI to clients without degrading your users experience
  • Are willing to invest at least $3K a month in developing a joint ad sales plan
  • Are taking a short term approach, expect revenue overnight and don't understand B2B sales and marketing cycles
  • Are B2C focused, or lack sufficient traffic or focus to deliver reach and ROI to advertisers
  • Have Low Domain Authority/Rank
  • Are inflexible with ad products, not open to new ideas or suggestions from your ad sales partner and/or anchor advertisers
  • Only willing to pay on a commission basis and put all risk on ad sales partner

"Advertise with us" Inbound Lead Follow Up

Getting advertiser interest but don't have the expertise or bandwidth to do time consuming and sometimes tedious sales follow up? Online ad sales is a grind with short term, campaign based buys, deliverables collection, reporting, invoicing, etc. Partner with to save time and still capture revenue.

Graduating from AdSense, Ezoic, or other networks like BuySellAds to an Outbound Approach

Capturing Programmatic Display is the typical first path to ad revenue and a good base. However targeted, personalized outreach to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is necessary for securing budget from the most sought after advertisers. We will work with you to define granular Target Account Lists and build multi-channel outbound cadences to get on more RFPs and media plans.

B2B Publisher?

The buying process and  sales and marketing funnel  is much different for complex B2B purchases vs. more transactional B2C. We speak the language of B2B marketers with 20+ years of experience, and a network of B2B marketers and their agencies to tap into.

We drive revenue.

A sampling of advertisers we've brought on board for our clients:

Case Studies

See how other companies have grown revenue with

Envato Tuts+ logo

Envato Tuts+

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Australian Flag

7 year partnership with Millions in Revenue

Envato is an Australian based digital learning platform and marketplace. Their Tuts+ division has a network of tutorial based websites for web developers, designers, creatives, and business owners. Online advertising, content and marketing programs are not a core offering so it made sense to outsource this portion of the business. As long term partners we own the full sales process even through operations and billing/collections. Customers include AWS, Microsoft, New Relic, Adobe, Atlassian and many startups.

ProgrammableWeb logo

ProgrammableWeb (Mulesoft/Salesforce)

Location: San Francisco, CA
US Flag

Python Scripting and Cold Outreach for leads, $100K+ ARR

ProgrammableWeb is the web's oldest and largest API Directory, owned by Mulesoft (now Salesforce). One tactic that was efficient and effective was to build a Python script to scrape company mentions and links to inform a personalized, relevant and timely automated cold out reach sequence. Using (data/lead info), marketing automation (, and booking (Calendly) software, the result was an automated pipeline of 50+ monthly warm leads and booked calls.

Working with - Online Ad Products

Integrated Ad Offerings

Integrated media programs drive revenue and ROI for advertisers. The more you have in place to offer the better; or, we can partner to build these offerings out over time.
  • Sponsored Content - Articles, Blogs, Tutorials, etc.
  • Email Newsletters
  • Lead Generation Programs
  • White Papers
  • Sponsorships (Theme Months, Categories)
  • Social Media Inclusions
  • Microsites
  • Custom Content
  • Dedicated Emails
  • Video
  • Webcasts
  • Sponsored Listings
  • Display
  • Intent (Data-as-a-Service) Offerings
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Let us share some ideas to jumpstart your ad sales efforts. Share some info on your audience and competitors, and we will:
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    Give you a list of 10-15 top ideal advertisers to target - companies and contacts with B2B email addresses
  • 2
    Develop a short outbound email script to generate advertiser interest
  • 3
    Show you a plan and simple tech stack to execute outbound ad sales yourself, or have it "done for you as a service"
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