Independent Media Representation to Increase Your Online Ad Revenues

Do you have a web based media property and need help with outsourced ad sales and management?  Many publishers have Adsense and other networks in place, but need dedicated outbound efforts to proactively sell and fulfill more complex, integrate ad and marketing programs. SaaSBoost fills the gap and increases revenue with outsourced ad sales help.
Outsourced Ad Sales

What We Can Provide

Direct Sales Outreach
  • Direct outbound sales outreach and lead follow up to advertisers, ad agencies and ad tech partners.
  • Outbound cold email sequences and marketing automation, with goal of setting up calls/meetings and building a pipeline of advertising programs and driving ad sales revenue = We set up the best of breed software for you most ideally suited for startups on a budget. We set up personalized, well crafted email drip campaigns and track and measure everything. We close deals from prospect outreach to renewals.
  • Inbound leads? We can follow up on those too.
Ad Product Strategy

  • Ad Product Portfolio Management and Development = We can help with ideas and implementation of new ad products, custom and sponsored content, etc.
  • Custom and Sponsored Content Process Setup and Management
  • Media Kits - update or create from scratch (online or PPT/PDF)
Ad Operations and Reporting

  • Ad trafficking and setup
  • Advertiser and Publisher Reporting
  • Campaign and creative optimization for maximum results/renewals
  • Monitor and Manage Ad Traffic, Inventory
Direct Advertiser Invoicing and Collections

  • Invoicing and Collections (optional). We can work with your finance team; or handle all ad program invoicing and collections and give your team real time visibility and access through Freshbooks. Advertising programs can be complicated to bill and recognize revenue on with multiple line items, proofs of delivery, multi-month programs, etc. Let use our pre-built systems and processes to relieve these headaches.
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