Outsourced Ad Sales Case Studies

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Examples of companies successfully using outsourced Ad Sales services with AdsBoost.io to grow revenue:


  • Industry 
    Online Training
  • Location
    Melbourne, Australia
  • Company Size

7 year partnership with Millions in Revenue

Envato is an Australian based digital learning platform and marketplace.  As long term partners we own the full sales process even through operations and billing/collections.

Envato Tuts+ is an Australian based company with a network of tutorial based websites.  Almost all of their revenue comes from subscriptions and a digital goods marketplace. Their Tuts+ division has a network of tutorial based websites for web developers, designers, creatives, and business owners. Online advertising, content and marketing programs are not a core offering so it made sense to outsource this portion of the business.  SaaSBoost.io came in and:

1. Set up ad products strategy, pricing and consulted on media kit and overall advertiser value prop.  Focus went beyond display, mostly growth around sponsored content/native ads

2. Handled all ad operations including trafficking and reporting

3. Invoicing and collections

4. Through outbound sales have grown revenues 5x. Key wins include first time advertisers like Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, plus a host of smaller tech startups including New Relic.  Several long term, larger deals with multiple ad products bundled as part of integrated buys.  Sponsored and custom content has been the biggest growth driver.

A partnership going on 7 years has driven millions in revenue. Customers include AWS, Microsoft, New Relic, Adobe, Atlassian and many web developer and design focused startups.

ProgrammableWeb (Mulesoft/Salesforce)

  • Industry 
    B2B Publishing
  • Location
    San Francisco, CA
  • Company Size

Python Scripting and Cold Outreach for leads, $100K+ ARR

ProgrammableWeb is the web's oldest and largest API Directory, a media property owned by SaaS vendor Mulesoft (now Salesforce). One tactic that was efficient and effective was to build a Python script to scrape company mentions and links to inform a personalized, relevant and timely automated cold out reach sequence. Using Snov.io (data/lead info), marketing automation (Quickmail.io), and booking (Calendly) software, the result was an automated pipeline of 50+ monthly warm leads and booked calls.

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